Terms and Conditions

All visitors to this website, without exception, are invited to read and act upon the contents of this website in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The content of this website may be changed from time to time and therefore, subject to the following clauses, the only relevant content binding on the company will be that content displayed on this website at the time a website visitor enters into any credit contract with the company.
  2. The website content is designed to provide introductory or preliminary information only – being just some of the total information that the company will provide to a website visitor who proceeds to make a loan application.
  3. In the event that the content displayed on this website is at variance with content included in the credit contract offer and associated documentation provided to the website visitor who proceeds with a credit application as a result of visiting this website, the content that will bind the company will be that content included in the contract and associated documentation.
  4. The company strongly encourages any website visitor proceeding to apply for a loan with the company to seek independent legal advice and to carefully consider all contract offers and associated documentation provided by the company.
  5. The website visitor accepts that the content of this website does not constitute a contract offer and that any specific and detailed loan offer by the company will only occur following the provision of all mandated associated documentation to the website visitor who has subsequently applied for a loan and has satisfied all relevant responsible lending criteria specified by the Commonwealth Government (if a personal loan) and the company (if a personal or business loan)
  6. The company’s only intended source of full detail concerning the contract offer is the credit contract that may be offered and the associated documents that will be provided to the applicant for a loan, following a successful “not unsuitable” assessment in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (Cth) 2009 and company consumer loan policy, if a consumer loan, or business loan policy if a business loan. These documents will be provided to the applicant on the basis that the applicant may take as much time as the applicant requires to read and study the content, ask all questions of the company representative, receive satisfactory answers to all their questions, and seek legal and other professional advice, before signing the credit contract and any other document.
  7. The content of this website is the intellectual property of the company.
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